Like every bookworm, I have a ridiculously long reading list. And, like every bookworm, everyday, I think ‘today will be the day where I start making a dent in the ever expanding list.’ And then I reach for my kindle and read a book i’ve already read five times. I can’t help it- some stories deserve to be read a hundred times. To quote a cheesy but awesome movie: ‘In such perilous times only the known is safe. Only the known is tolerable.’


But, there are so many books I still want to read! So I took a stand and made myself a ‘To-be-read’ jar. (After I finished re-reading Tillie Cole’s Sweet Home series for the third (or fourth) time ♥)

Here is how I did it…

I wrote down all of my reading list on some pretty blue paper:

A few of many…

Then I made some cute labels to add to my simple Kilner jar:

Ellie’s TBR
A little inspiration from Alice in Wonderland

Then Voila! A lovely DIY jar to store all of my ever increasing books…

Ready to read!


This way, I’ll be able to start reading my list without concerning myself with the horrible question of ‘where do I even start?’

And… the winner of the first round is….


Yay! I’ve been told by so many people to read this book! I’m excited to start!