I love Disney. To everyone who knows me, this is neither new nor unsurprising news. In fact, this statement would probably cause an eye roll and a sarcastic ‘Yes Ellie, we know.’

But, still Disney is pretty damn awesome. And I’ve never been ashamed to say that i’m obsessed. It’s just so magical; I can’t help but smile and sing along.

Me and my friends when I talk about Disney…

So as you can probably imagine, I like to read things that are based off of fairy-tales and disney stories. So, for your reading pleasure, here are some of my favourites…


1.Peter Pan 

-J.M Barrie

You can’t make a Disney reading list without having Peter Pan on it. Peter Pan has always been one of my favourite disney characters and so it was almost a given that this would be one of the first books I ever read. He’s just so cheeky and cute!



2. Alice’s adventures in Wonderland

-Lewis Carroll 

Another pure disney book that I adore. If you haven’t read it but enjoy the movie I highly recommend.


3. Disney after Dark series

-Ridley Pearson 

Slightly different to the others on the list as it is not based off of a disney movie, nor has a Disney movie been based off of it. Rather, it is about a group of teenagers who work at Disney World and their adventures. It’s kinda awesome.


4. Beastly

-Alex Flinn

A modern retelling of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It’s also a pretty good movie with Vanessa Hudgens.


5. Snow White and the Huntsman 

-Lily Blake

A modern take on the original disney feature.


6. Sweetly 

Jackson Pearce

Creepy retelling of Hansel and Gretel. As a thirteen year old, it actually scared me a lot considering it’s based off a fairytale. All of Jackson Pearce’s books are stand alone so that’s why they’re all on here individually.


7. Fathomless

-Jackson Pearce

The steal nymph Lo has to steal the soul of a human boy to retrieve her humanity. Yup, a little different from ‘The Little Mermaid’.


8.Sisters red

– Jackson Pearce

Badass retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. Seriously, ‘Little red’ is a far cry from the traditional character.


9. The complete Grimm’s fairy tales

-Grimm brothers

The original stories of so many of the Disney movies. Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping beauty included.


10. The complete fairy tales

-Hans Christian Anderson 

The author of the Snow Queen aka. the one and only Frozen.



As an extra, if you’re a fan of all things disney then you should check out Once Upon A Time. It’s literally based in a town called Storybrooke that is full of Disney characters…