Before I even began applying for University, I knew I wanted to spend a year studying somewhere in a foreign country. At the beginning of this year, I applied for a year abroad, and I recently found out that I get to spend a year in Alabama. Let’s just say that, saying I’m excited is a gross understatement…


So in honour of this news, I thought I’d post a collection of books that I’ve A) Read and B) want to read before I start in August šŸ˜€


1.To Kill a Mockingbird -Harper Lee

Definitely the most famous on my list, I studied this in English in year 9. Certainly on the list of books everyone should read before they die.

2.Alabama Summer Series -J. Daniels

All the books in the series are good, but I particularly love the first one, ‘Where I Belong’ because Ben and Mia are all kinds of adorable.

3.Looking for Alaska -John Green

Everyone must read some John Green. It soothes the soul… and then rips it apart. šŸ™‚

4. The Splendour Falls -Rosemary Clement-Moore

I read this when I was around thirteen and remember loving it. Little did thirteen-year-old Ellie know, that seven years later, she’d get to spend a year of her life living there.

5. Forrest Gump -Winston Groom

Yes, the movie is literally magical, but the book is certainly worth the read as well.

6. Sweet Home series -Tillie Cole

Set in the University of Alabama, these books focus on an English girl who moves to Alabama to study and has a (mostly) fantasticĀ time. Surely you can see the appeal?

7. Sea Breeze series -Abi Glines

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts,Ā you can’t be surprised that Abi Glines made it on this oneĀ as well. All 9 books (plus theĀ one that crosses over with her other series,’Rosemary beach’) are set in Alabama and they’re awesome.

54ed7df1f4dd87859c6b780fefbf6f3bAnd here are some I haven’t read but are on my Ā (ever expanding) to-read list:

1.Alabama Moon -Watt Key

2. Stars fell on Alabama -Carl Carmer

3. The Field Party series -Abbi Glines

(Just to reiterate, Abi Glines appears in pretty much all my posts…)

4.Smash into you -Shelly Crane

5. A Southern Zombie town -James J Layton

6. Southern Creek, Alabama -Jennifer Youngblood

AllĀ I’m going to say is, although I’ll definitely read these; realistically, from what I’ve heard, all I should really be reading up on is American Football.


Have a look at my post,Ā My Favourite Ships Ā to see my favourite relationships that appear in a few of these books.