‘What’s a ship?’ is a question I have been asked more than a few times in my life. So just to clear things up before I start writing, here is the Urban Dictionary definition:

‘A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic [sic] ones as well. (Just think of “shipping” as short for “relationSHIP”.)

It generally uses the initials of the characters shipped or a combination of the names, though this is not a rule’.

Or, if you prefer:


So now that that is all cleared up, in no particular order (because I can’t choose), here are my favourite ships from books…

1.Magnus & Alec- The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare) ♥

I am the captain of the Malec ship. Who couldn’t love a self ascribed ‘freewheeling bisexual’ warlock and a shy demon hunter. Ugh, their relationship makes me believe in love.

2. Will, Jem, Tessa- The Infernal Devices (Cassandra Clare) ♥

Not d8d602a1ed8c38e614b5de19495f635aexactly your regular ship, but who really cares? I still ship it. Whether it’s Tessa & Will, Tessa & Jem, Will & Jem, or all three of them, I love them so much. They all love each other so much. Love is all around.

3. Clary & Jace- The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare) ♥

A lot Cassandra Clare on this list. (Sorry not sorry). I just love her writing, and Clary & Jace are no exception. The ex-brother-and-sister duo are pretty awesome in their badassery(?)

4. Olivia & Enzo- Suspicious Minds (Elizabeth Reyes) ♥

No words really, I just think they’re cute.

5. Aiyanna & Nathan- Uninvited (Elizabeth Reyes) ♥

Again, I just really like them together.

6. Grace & Sam- Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater) ♥

Sam was my first book crush. He was kind, gentle and worked in a bookshop. And he really loved Grace, just as she really loved him.

649388906372ab30412a6461c70cba517. Elena & Damon- The Vampire Diaries (L. J. Smith) ♥

I read these books before the series even began and I loved Damon and Elena so much. Although, i will admit that my shipping grew even more after I started watching the series.  (Last episode ever in two weeks…!!!)

8. Blaire & Rush-  Fallen Too Far (Abbi Glines) ♥ 

Men like Rush have made my expectations of men too high. It’s not so much with regard to his wealth, looks ,or physique, it’s more about the way he loves Blaire so completely.

9. Eva & Cage- While it lasts (Abbi Glines) ♥ 

Cliche, but I really the bad boy and good girl trope. And Cage is a bad boy indeed. He and Eva are (probably) one of my favourite couples on this list.

10. Rosie & Nate- Enjoying the Chase (Kirsty Moseley) ♥

I read this book so often it’s ridiculous. Rosie and Nate are just so cute together.

11. Damien & Alannah- Brothers series (L.A Casey) ♥ 

The books that focus on these two characters haven’t even come out yet and I already ship them like crazy. The encounters that they have had in the brothers series are some of my favourites.

12. Jamie & Landon- A Walk to Remember (Nicholas Sparks) ♥ 

My heart hurts thinking about Landon and Jamie. If you don’t ship them, you’re crazy.

a-book-with-no-fandom13. Austin & Lexi- Sweet Fall (Tillie Cole) ♥ 

Austin and Lexi both have so many problems, but they help each other so much. Apart they’re broken and together they’re whole. It’s like the definition of a healthy relationship.



Added Bonus: Ships i want to sink with my Pirate Ship…


katniss-meme-11.Katniss & Gale- The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) 

Just no. They don’t work together; they’re too destructive, angry and as a (controversial) bonus, I really don’t like Gale.

2. Gatsby & Daisy- The Great Gatsby (S. Fitzgerald)

Gatsby is deluded, but he has the heart of an angel. Daisy doesn’t doesn’t deserve him.

3. Tom & Daisy- The Great Gatsby (S. Fitzgerald) 

Again, Daisy deserves to be alone. Although her and Tom are suited to each other because they’re both selfish and cruel,  neither of them deserve happiness so I can’t ship them together.

4. Abby & Travis- Beautiful Disaster (Jamie McGuire) 

Although I love all of the Beautiful Disaster series; including this one, I can’t ship Abby and Travis together. The relationship is destructive and unhealthy. I felt stressed just reading it.

5. Clary & Simon- The Mortal Instruments (Cassandra Clare)

They’re both awesome characters but romantically, i never felt any spark. What is more, i ship them with other people too much. I love them as best friends though.

6. Nan & Gannon- Up In Flames (Abbi Glines) 

This is the only one of the Rosemary Beach books I didn’t love, which I was so upset about because I loved Nan and was so excited to hear her story. I the reason I didn’t like it was  because I really didn’t enjoy the relationship between her and Gannon.

So there are my best and worst ships. Anyone have any that I haven’t mentioned? If so, tell me in the comments, or just give me some recommendations. I’m always looking for a new book.