I have a confession. It’s controversial and unpopular, and a subject of hate. But I have to get it off my chest. So here goes:

I love kindles. 

There.*expels breath and looks around* I said it. The world didn’t end, no one appeared and punched me, and no one revoked my bookworm licence. Success.


But I’ve got to ask- why is there such a stigma attached to e readers? Is it book snobbery? Is it because no one wants to give them a chance?

Before I tell you why I love kindles, I want you to know that I do adore paperbacks too. I love the smell, the feeling of turning a page, and filling up my bookshelf. Books are certainly awesome.

But I have reasons why I love kindles too. Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, I read. I read a lot. So much so that when I was younger, my parents banned me from bookshops and limited the amount I could buy each month. Books are expensive things and I used to spend so much on them. And whilst I know a kindle is expensive too, once it’s been bought, the books are so so much cheaper.

Not only is it economically sound, but it really helps with space. A kindle means I can take
1000 books with me on holiday and not go over the weight limit. It also means my bedroom and study don’t look like overflowing bookshops. That’s not to say I still don’t have a heck of a lot of books in kindle-nook-sony-reader-i-say-hardwick-this-sure-is-an-impressive-library-a-cartoon-by-jeffery-koterba-540x392my room, but at least I have room for my bed as well.

Lastly, Kindles save paper and saving paper saves trees, which saves the environment. So Kindles can’t be bad. Science.

That being said, I understand that a book is so much more personal than a kindle. In fact, I have a system where I buy all my books on kindle, but if I enjoy it so much that it becomes one of my favourites, I’ll buy a hard copy too. So I feel like everyone should use a kindle and only buy the books that have a special place in their heart.