‘I don’t read.’

‘I’ll wait for the movie to come out.’

‘I don’t have time.’

‘I’m just not that type of person.’

‘Because it’s boring.’

These painful and generic phrases are something I’m sure every bookworm has heard at some point in their lives, much to their annoyance and lack of surprise.

Whether it’s because you’ve tried to convince your friend to read your new favourite book, or suggested that because your sister enjoyed that movie so much she has to read the book it’s based off, we’ve all been told that the book just isn’t worth the read.

Well I’m calling it: What complete rubbish.

And to prove it, here is a list of my top ten reasons why you (and everyone else) should be a bookworm…

1.Reading makes your stress evaporate into thin air. 

Next time you’re feeling stressed or as though the walls are closing in on you, pick up a book. It doesn’t matter what it is: Fiction or non fiction, Romance or horror, Sci-fi or historical. As long as you focus on the words on the page, your mind will be away from the stress and on the story you are reading.

2.Reading lets you get outside of your own head. 

Textbooks and history books aren’t the only things that educate the readers of the world. Even reading fiction that has no place in our world (Shoutout to The Lord of the Rings) can educate you on people and situations that you might not otherwise get to experience. And I’m not just talking about quests to destroy a ring made by the lord Sauron. I’m talking about seeing the loyalty of friends, the grief felt by those who care and understanding the sacrifices people make to save those they love. Seeing and understanding things that are so fundamental to the development of a decent person that we don’t necessarily see in everyday life. Reading is the easiest way to watch these things play out and emphasise how important they are no matter what story you’re in.

3. Books are like behind the scenes of movies.

This is what I don’t get about people who don’t read. They watch a movie. They enjoy a movie. But when you suggest that, if they enjoyed the film so much, they should read the book that it was adapted from, they simply respond with ‘Nah you’re alright.’ Why oh why is this a thing? Do they even understand how much extra information they could get from reading the book? All those extra scenes and conversations that they’re missing. It’s like a full behind the screen/ unseen footage montage! It can’t be just me that likes to have as much information as possible?  Oh, it is? Okay, moving on…

4. Reading inspires creativity

Those who read are experiencing so many more lives and worlds than those who don’t. How can that not get your creative juices flowing? Reading gives you inspiration to think of other things that you wouldn’t have even thought of considering had you not read about that dystopian world where children are forced to join factions based off of their personalities.

5. Bookshelves are cool 

Books aren’t only for reading. Have you seen some of the artwork on the covers of novels? Books are beautiful things, and a bookshelf can give an otherwise boring room a complete sense of life and vitality. Not to mention how fun it can be to organise it over and over when you’re bored.

6. Reading boosts your vocabulary

Okay, so you won’t become a walking dictionary. But seriously, reading allows you to pick up new words and phrases that you otherwise wouldn’t have heard.

7.Reading creates empathetic people. 

If you say you didn’t cry when Augustus Waters died, you’re lying. If you say you didn’t feel your heart rip when Dobby spoke his last words, you’re lying. Books give their readers the ability to feel pain and emotion towards a person or thing without having anything other than an image in their head. Reading helps to create people who feel and empathise with people they haven’t seen or met and if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

8.You meet more people than you thought possible.

Let me explain this one because there are two different ways you could look at this. First: I can’t explain how it feels when you overhear someone in a queue/shop/park talk about your favourite book. If you’re able to overcome the urge to join in the conversation then you’re a stronger human than me. I swear this is one of the best ways to bond with another person; whether it’s discussing that one scene that made you scream with anger or that relationship between characters X and Y, anyone who likes the same books as I do is already a great person in my opinion. Secondly, and slightly differently, is the way that you make relationships with the character you are reading about. You experience their journey, feel their pain and see the world through their eyes. There are so many people you have the chance to meet in the world without having to even leave your bed. Ask any book reader you know and they’ll attest to this.

9. You’re never alone.

If I’ve had a fight with my mum, or my best friend, I know I can rely on LA Casey’s hot Slater brothers to make me laugh. Or if I feel sad, I can get lost in the decadence and extravagance of Gatsby’s parties.No matter how alone you feel, as long as you have a book with you, you never have to feel alone for long.

(10.Clever is not the new sexy – it’s always been sexy)

People say you should read because ‘Clever is the new sexy’. Well, what a ridiculous statement. Who has the be-all-and-end-all-say on what constitutes as sexy? If you read, then you’re sexy and (although it makes me sad that you don’t…) if you don’t read, you’re still sexy. And I’m not just talking to the ladies out there. Men: you’re sexy too.

So to conclude: Join the movement. Power to the worms!