Hello. Welcome to my blog ūüôā

As my first post I thought I’d give a little insight into my favourite things (all literary related of course) all the way from A- Z.

Here goes…

A- ‘Atonement’ by Ian McEwan

I’ve never felt a stronger emotion because of a book in my life. Read this one by Ian McEwan¬†and you can decide if it was a good or bad one.

B- Bridget Jones

I relate to her on a spiritual level okay?

C- Cassandra Clare

Anything she write is, in my opinion, magic. But I will always have a special place in my heart for The Infernal Devices.

D- ‘Diary of a young girl’ by Anne Frank

It gave me nightmares but everyone should read Anne Frank’s diary at least once in their lives.

E- ‘Enjoying the chase’ by Kirsty Moseley

I love this book by Kirsty Moseley so much. I must have read it about seven times.

F- ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelley¬†

I love the book itself, but I also love that Mary Shelley started writing this novel when she was only eighteen- the same age as I was when i started writing mine. Plus i’m a massive fan of the gothic.

G- Gatsby by S. Fitzgerald 

The book and the character. Both are so beautiful.

H- ‘Heaven’s at Capacity’

My novel that I’ve been working on for a year.

I- ‘Iliad’ by Homer

Another Epic; only this one is Greek and tells the story of the famous Trojan War.

J- ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte¬†

I studied the novel for A Level and its stuck with me.

K- Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler

I love the idea of Guardian angels and I especially loved this take on it.

L- Luna Lovegood

I love that she didn’t mind¬†what others thought about¬†her. She was kind, thoughtful and smart.

M- Malorie Blackman

Noughts and Crosses is incredible.

N-¬†“Not all those who wonder are lost”

Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring. A quote I try to live by.

O- Ovid

Roman writer. I highly recommend reading some of his love elegy- I adore it.

P- ‘Peter Pan’ by J.M. Barrie

If you’re a fan of the movie, J.M. Berrie’s novel is just as magical.

Q- Queen of Hearts

Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is just so crazy but the Queen of Hearts used to scare me so much. She was just so…intimidating.

R- Roald Dahl

Growing up, his books were my favourite things in the world. I’ve read all of them at least three times.

S- Slater Brothers

Seriously, read LA Casey’s series about them. It’ll make you laugh ALOT.

T- ‘The fault in our Stars’ by John Green

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, then all at once”.

U-¬†‘Under the Dome’ by Stephen King

“If you don’t control your temper, your temper will control you”

V-  Virgil

His poetry is beautiful but his Epic, The Aeneid is probably my favourite piece of literature of all time.

W- ‘The Wife of Bath Prologue and Tale’ by Chaucer

It’s feminist and funny, and even more so¬†considering it was written in 1405.

X- Xavier Benedict

A¬†character in the¬†Finding Sky series. I had such a big crush on him when I first read the books…

Y- ‘You against me’ by Jenny Downham

I read this when I was about thirteen and still think about it to this day.

Z- Zoey Redbird 

The heroine from the House of Night. Although most people claim they got into the popular genre of Vampire novels though Twilight, i was definitely sucked in with PC Cast’s series first.